A Note from the PI

The major activity of the HEA group at CWRU is experimental astrophysics research on the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory. Auger is a collaboration of scientists from 17 different countries that have come together to construct the world's largest cosmic ray detector in Argentina. Our scientific goal is to understand the nature and the origins of cosmic rays. To learn more, visit the Auger page at CWRU.

-- Corbin Covault , Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Case Western Reserve University

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Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Ray Spectrum Update

The Pierre Auger Collaboration published an update to spectrum of the highest energy cosmic rays. We notice that above about 10 EeV, there is a suppression in the flux that is consistent with a GZK-like feature.

Read more in the arXiv preprint of our presentation at the 32nd International Cosmic Ray Conference in Beijing, China.